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SC/APC-SC/APC SM Simplex 3.0mm 3M Patch Cord

Product Description


SC/APC-SC/APC SM Patch Cord is used for data transmission more efficiency and reliability, which applied in the data center, high –performance computer, mass storage equipment, for instance, fast Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet Speed .

 It can be fitted with the industry standard telecom interface, through the internal light - electric conversion, using the advantages of optical fiber cable make the data transmission efficiently. The OS1(9/125 G652)  Cable transmission distance can reach to 5000M using the1310 nm wavelength in the 1Gbps Ethernet, using the1310 nm ,1550nm wavelength in the 10Gbps Ethernet can reach to 10000-40000M.

SC/APC-SC/APC SM Patch Cord can be application in the telecom, LAN, testing equipment, CATV.

Technical Data

 It conforms to Telcordia GR-326-CORE Standard

A.    Optical Data

a)     Insert Loss ≤0.2dB

b)     Return Loss≥65 dB

c)     Testing Wavelength 1310/1550nm


B.  Mechanical Data

d)     Φ3.0 Cable Bend Radius :30mm

e)     Φ3.0 Anti-Tension Strength : 9.0/kgf

f)       Durability: ≤0.2 dB (1000times)


C.  Environment Data

g)     Operation Temperature : -40℃~85℃

h)     Environment Temperature : -5℃~40℃

D. 3D Index

i)       Ferrule End-face Radius of Cury:5mm≤R≤12mm

j)       Vertex Offset: 0-50μm

k)     Fiber Height:-50~50nm


a.       High Return Loss  , low insert loss

b.       High reliability and stability 

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